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High School Library

(701 S. Reynolds) :

Open Mondays 8-7

Tuesday-Thursday 8-4

Friday 8-3:30

**All libraries operate during the regular school calendar and are subject to unannounced closures. All may close for lunch.


See the library staff for usernames and passwords to these eBook resources

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Teen Bookfest by the Bay

Teen Bookfest by the Bay Save the Date

High School Library


As always, our online ebrary is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Go HERE to check out books, audiobooks, or movies using your student ID number. Please see Mrs. Jurecek if you need help accessing the digital library.

Our high school library is open to the public. However, all times are subject to unannounced changes. Members of the community who need to use the library's resources should call ahead to make sure the library will be available.


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Learning Express Library

Visit the Chilton Library for automotive help.

Chilton Library

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