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5 Reasons You Should Totally Join Book Club This Year

by Lisa Jurecek on 2018-09-12T14:30:42-05:00 | Comments

Yes, it's that time of year again. All the school organizations are forming and recruiting new members. You're busy with so many activities--band, and sports, and livestock show projects. Practices and homework are devouring your time. You barely have time to breathe much less join a club that assigns you a book to read. So with so little available time, why should you consider joining book club?

#5: Book Club doesn't take up that much time. We very rarely have meetings and the book chats are only once a month and are totally optional. So, if you can't make a book chat this month, don't worry about it. You can catch up with everyone at the next chat.

#4: Book Club doesn't require you to read an assigned book. Our monthly chats are focused around general themes that give you a wide range of books of your choice to read and discuss with the group. We just ask that you read something that relates to theme in the weeks immediately prior to the book chat.

#3: We EAT! Yes, this is one of the few occasions where students are allowed to bring food to the library. Book chats are generally held during the lunch periods, so students are allowed to get their lunches in the cafeteria and bring their food to the library. (Mrs. Jurecek often has a treat or two, as well)

#2: You love books and you love to read! No other organization is going to encourage these passions as much as book club does. We get it! Our "to read" list is taller than a basketball player. And, it's not enough to have just one book checked out because what if you finish one before the library opens again...Yes, we're the people who understands your pain!

And the # 1 Reason to join the Book Club: It's FUN! We keep things casual at our chats, so no need to worry about book snobs telling you what you should or shouldn't read. No stressing about having to "discuss" your book in great detail. We just share with fellow book lovers what we read and whether or not we liked it. Don't want to talk--no worries. Just come and be an open-minded listener encouraging members as they share their enthusiasm for great reads. 

Not convinced yet, go by the high school library and visit with Mrs. Jurecek. 

For Reminders and information about book club go to and sign up with the class code @ogbook. Also, visit us on Instagram @oglibrary.

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